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In the realm of new construction, architects often design unique mouldings tailored specifically for their projects. Sourcing manufacturers capable of producing these custom designs can be a daunting task, particularly when budget constraints are in place. However, our custom manufacturing capabilities offer a seamless solution to this challenge. We can produce any profile with 100% accuracy, ensuring that architects' visions are brought to life without compromise. Additionally, our pricing remains competitive, making it feasible for projects of varying scales to incorporate bespoke moulding designs.

When the opportunity for profile substitution arises, our extensive inventory of over 100 stock shapes provides a plethora of options. These ready-made profiles are designed to cater to a wide range of architectural styles and preferences. This flexibility ensures that regardless of the project's requirements, there is a high likelihood that a suitable moulding profile is readily available, thus streamlining the construction process and maintaining the project's timeline and budget.


Prior to the introduction of our composite mouldings over 15 years ago, exterior architectural details were predominantly crafted from wood. While wood has its aesthetic appeal, it comes with a host of maintenance issues. Once wood is painted, its natural ability to breathe is compromised, leading to inevitable problems such as cracking, peeling, splitting, and eventually rotting. This not only detracts from the structure's appearance but also incurs ongoing maintenance costs and efforts.

Our composite mouldings present an ideal solution for restoring existing wood details. Being inorganic, these mouldings are impervious to the common issues that plague wood. They require no maintenance, offering a "paint once and forget forever" convenience. The only time repainting is necessary is when there's a desire to change the color scheme. This long-lasting durability and ease of maintenance make our composite mouldings a superior choice for restoration projects, preserving the aesthetic integrity of historic buildings without the associated upkeep.


Renovations come with unique challenges that are not typically encountered in new construction. When integrating new designs into existing structures, it is crucial to consider the limitations and characteristics of the original building. Our lightweight mouldings offer a significant advantage in such scenarios. They do not require special bracing or structural alterations, as they can be easily attached to walls using a cementitious adhesive like thinset. This simplifies the installation process and ensures a seamless integration of new elements into the existing architecture.

For projects involving additions over existing floors, our mouldings facilitate a smooth transition between different facade materials. This adaptability is particularly beneficial in ensuring a cohesive look and feel, despite the mix of old and new elements. Our mouldings help achieve a harmonious blend, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the renovated space.


Replicating moulding profiles from specific historical periods, such as those from the 1950s, can be an arduous task due to the unique designs and techniques used during those times. Traditional manufacturing methods often fall short in achieving the precise replication needed for such projects. However, our advanced replication and production methods stand out as an exception.

We excel in producing accurate replicas of moulding profiles, regardless of the quantity required. Whether the project demands a single piece or multiple units, we ensure a close match to the original design. Our efficient production timelines further contribute to keeping projects on track, minimizing delays and disruptions. This capability is invaluable for restoration projects that aim to preserve historical authenticity while meeting modern construction standards.


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