Our composite exterior and interior mouldings are used in many and various capacities. Being a versatile yet economical alternative to other market options has its advantages which is why they are a popular choice among the building community.

Often times, architects will specify mouldings that are their own creation. This would normally be challenging to source a manufacturer especially at an economical price point. Our custom manufacturing abilities eliminate this dilemma as we can produce any profile with 100% accuracy at more than competitive prices. If the benefit of profile substitution presents itself, our over 100 stock shapes provide plenty of choices. 

Before our composite mouldings were introduced to market over 15 years ago, exterior details were namely produced using wood. The minute wood has any sort of paint applied to it, its ability to breath is hampered which is soon followed by cracking, peeling, splitting and of course, rotting. With our mouldings being inorganic, they are a maintenance free option to restore existing wood details. Paint once and forget forever, you'll only need to re-paint should you decide to change your colour scheme. 

Renovations present obstacles not seen in new construction. Your new design is dependent on an existing structure and should be treated as such. Adding our lightweight mouldings will not require any special bracing when attaching them to your walls since they are applied by a cementitious adhesive such as thinset. For projects requiring additions over top of an existing floor, our mouldings can be used to ease the transition between to different facade materials.

Replicating a moulding profile that was created for example, during the 1950s is nearly impossible. Our replication and production methods are the exception. Whether you're looking for many pieces or just one, we'll ensure the closest match at exceptional timelines to keep your project running. 

To consult with us on using Mouldex for your next project, please call us at (905) 660-6338 or toll-free at 1 (888) 668-5539. You may also choose to email us her with any inquiries.