Interior light coves are a unique and special addition inside a room. They're essentially a crown/cornice moulding that has a notched section in the rear to accommodate a lighting system, usually LED strip lighting. They provide indirect lighting which bounces off the wall and upwards towards the ceiling. It can be used in rooms that do not have much natural light coming through or as a compliment to main fixtures.

Light coves are offset down from the ceiling a minimum of 3". The gap to the ceiling will determine how strong the light will be. the smaller the gap, the brighter the effect. This can also be controlled if a dimmer is used with the LED strip lighting.


Interior plaster light coves by Mouldex Mouldings are a revolutionary advancement in manufacturing technology. When compared to market alternatives, it's advantages are clear.

First and foremost, it's plaster. It's timeless, elegant and built better with the backing of our EPS core.

Versus wood, our mouldings are completely composite. They are not affected by changes in temperature inside your space. The minute wood is stained/painted, it's ability to breathe is non-existent. Those two factors together makes susceptible to splitting which then leads to rotting and then a complete breakdown to the point where total replacement is the only option. 

We also have the ability to manufacture profiles in one piece no matter how large they are. With wood, multiple pieces have to nailed/glued together. Our installation doesn't require punching holes through the moulding making the final finish flawless.

Versus PVC/GFRC/fiberglass, again, like wood, multiple profiles need to be layered together to construct a larger moulding. In perfect conditions, this would be fine. With changes in temperature, those mouldings will split and need replacement because their original shape will be unrecognizable. The laws of expansion and contraction do not apply to Mouldex Mouldings. It's also plastic. And looks like plastic. Which is fine for other household applications but not something as grand and noticeable as your interior light coves.


Our pre-designed window trim mouldings can be viewed below but we a specialists in custom moulding designs. We can tweak our current selections, create an entirely new profile or match existing ones. 

Contact us regarding your project, our top design consultants are ready to assist in any way that we can.