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Window sills are placed on the bottom horizontal edge of a window. In traditional terms, they serve to hold the window or glass in place. Ours, being a decorative addition, serve an aesthetic function but also provide a way to deflect any rainwater away from the wall below. 


Our exterior window sill mouldings are comprised of an EPS core which is then finished with an exclusive cement coating. The end result is a lightweight and versatile composite moulding that rivals market alternatives in many ways.

Versus wood, our mouldings are completely composite. They are not affected by rain, snow, or changes in temperature. They are maintenance free mouldings. We can also manufacture larger profiles in one piece whereas with wood, layering multiple shapes is needed. Because of this, they're susceptible to splitting which then leads to rotting and then a complete breakdown to the point where total replacement is the only option.

Versus precast/stonecast, the most obvious advantage is the light weight of our mouldings. There is no need for expensive machinery (both for transport and on-site), wall bracing mechanisms or the need for extra labour. Another important factor, price. Our mouldings are approximately 1/4 of the cost when factoring in all aspects from design to installation. Speaking of installation, our process is much more simplified and efficient. And from a production standpoint, our average order time is between 7-10 days. 

Versus PVC/GFRC/fiberglass, again, like wood, multiple profiles need to be layered together to construct a larger moulding. In perfect conditions, this would be fine. With changes in temperature, snow/rain or any type of precipitation, those mouldings will split and need replacement because their original shape will be unrecognizable. The laws of expansion and contraction do not apply to Mouldex Mouldings.


Our pre-designed window sill mouldings can be viewed below but we a specialists in custom moulding designs. We can tweak our current selections, create an entirely new profile or match existing ones. 

Contact us regarding your project, our top design consultants are ready to assist in any way that we can.