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Nothing else compares to the most versatile Composite mouldings
in the world.

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We specialize in crafting top-of-the-line exterior and interior mouldings that combine innovation, durability, and style.

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We're not kidding about the most versatile composite mouldings in the world.

Maintenance free

No need to worry about rotting, re-painting or the dreaded replacing.


The average weight of our window & doors trims is an astounding 5 lbs.

No nails. No screws.

Installation is completed with an adhesive for a clean, patch free finish.

You'll receive samples of our exterior & interior mouldings. Judge the quality yourself.

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Authenticity & genuity are what we're about.

Authentic Exterior Finish

Authentic Exterior Finish

We start with an EPS core which is another way of saying foam but don't let that fool you.

Our high grade version is ultra tough & highly durable.

Once we add our fiber mesh and two layers of cementitious coating, you can be sure our mouldings will stand the test of time.

Genuine Interior Finish

Genuine Interior Finish

Our line of interior mouldings also start with a foamcore as well as a cementitious first layer.

The difference lies in the finish. Using a hybrid plaster top coat, the final product is so smooth that it outperfoms any traditional plaster moulding on the market.

But don't take our word for it.

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The choice is yours.

Stock Profiles

We have over 150 different profiles in stock & ready to ship when you are.


Refine any of our stock selections to suit your specific project demands.

Create or Match

Perfect for restoration needs, our ability to create custom profiles is quick & painless.

Straight Lengths

We ship in stock 8' sections but our mouldings can be ordered longer or shorter to reduce jobsite waste.

Curved Sections

Any profile that we create can be produced as arches, bow arches, ovals or circles. We got you curvered.

Find out why design & build professionals across the globe use Mouldex Mouldings.

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