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Coffered/Waffle Ceiling Beams Mouldex Mouldings


Traditionally, coffered ceilings are constructed using multiple components. Starting with the internal framing that support the external molding details, a decent profile design will use a minimum of 10 pieces. The result is a moulding that While worth the effort is certainly worth it, using one piece ceiling beams will alleviate many project considerations from start to finish.


Mouldex Mouldings ceiling beams have many advantages for coffered ceiling construction, the most important being its one piece assembly. This reduces the amount of materials and labour and time required which positively impacts the overall cost. The style and size can take on any form, from modest modern options to grand classic designs as well. 


Whether you're working with a flat box beam or a profile with detail, our selections below are varied in terms of style and size.  They also have matching cornice/crown moulding versions for aesthetic consistency throughout other areas in your space.
Most coffered ceiling layouts are designed with a perimeter beam which surround the edges of your room and a full beam used in the interior portion. The perimeters are half the depth of the complete profile.

For some inspiration, we have compiled some of the our most requested layouts which can be viewed on our blog post here.


Our pre-designed ceiling beams can be viewed below but we a specialists in custom moulding designs. We can tweak our current selections, create an entirely new profile or match existing ones.

Contact us regarding your space, our top design consultants are ready to assist in any way that we can.