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Sto Ecoshapes Vintage Brick Veneer. Incredibly thin. Durable. Authentic finish.


Sto-Ecoshapes Vintage is a highly customizable and versatile finish that can be used in a variety of cladding systems in both new and existing construction, both exterior and interior.
Made from high-quality raw materials, they will transform your walls into a stunning, one-of-a-kind design. The hand-finished, pre-fabricated shapes can be tailored to match your requirements for color, size and texture, offering virtually unlimited design possibilities.


At an amazing 5mm thick and lightweight, they're a much more cost effective solution to traditional brick. Aesthetically, the difference isn't noticeable. And when it comes to performance, they're designed for maximum impact, including protection from weather. The risk of effloresence is also greatly reduced in comparison.


Bonding instead of bricklaying: the extremely lightweight Sto-Ecoshapes Vintage elements are not laid like bricks, but are instead bonded to the substrate. This opens up a diverse range of design options - from recreating the appearance of brickwork to originating unique artistic designs. This versatile and highly expressive building material is compelling because of its natural characteristics and timeless appeal.


With more than 300 standard colors, eight textures and corner and lintel options, the options are virtually endless. There is no architectural style to be missed.

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