Property Brothers is a real estate & renovation show featuring twinbrothers Drew and Jonathan Scott. Drew’s a real estate agent and Jonathan’s a contractor – together, they find down-and-out fixer-uppers and turn them into perfect homes for their clients. To convince the buyers to believe in their vision, they use CGI technology to help buyers see the potential in two rundown, outdated, ugly homes. Once the homeowners decide which house is right for them, Drew gets to work on negotiating the purchase while Jonathan oversees the renovation. When the dust has settled, the buyers walk through their front door for the final reveal but the question is, do they have their dream home? Using our interior line of plaster mouldings, Jonathon adds another element of elegance to his designs, giving his clients their dream home, one room at a time.



EPISODE #309 - James and David
Airing: February 12, 2013

EPISODE #312 - Kate and Dave
Airing: March 12, 2013

EPISODE #314 - Megan and Greg (Video above)
Airing: March 19, 2013

EPISODE #316 - Marla and Adam
Airing: March 26, 2013


As the episodes air, we will be posting photos of the work created by Mouldex and Property Brothers.