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Since 2001, we have been the top choice in providing composite exterior & interior EPS foamcore mouldings to homeowners, contractors, builders, developers & architects.

Shipping globally from Toronto, Canada.

Free 3D Home Renderings
Finish your project before it even starts with our custom 3D renderings. Building and renovating without a clear blueprint can be a nerve wracking experience. Our customers know the value a rendering. If you have blueprints or a photo taken with your phone, we can complete your future project within 7-10 days. And all before a contractor sets foot on your property. For more information on the benefits of 3D renderings, please click here.
How To Choose Exterior Mouldings
Choosing exterior mouldings from our website or brochure can be overwhelming when you have over 100 shapes to select from. Our online design tool will allow you to mix and match each of our profiles on a pre-determined section of a home in real time. Change your window and door trim, crown mouldings, mid-bands and columns with the option to switch your facade from stucco to brick to stone. To begin, please visit http://www.mouldexcurbappeal.com.
Exterior EPS Stucco Foam Moldings
EPS Composite Mouldings by Mouldex are the top choice among professionals and DIYers alike. They're sustainable, cost-efficient and a lasting alternative to many of the options available on the market today. But there are plenty of reasons why Mouldex Mouldings should be your top choice when selecting the right material for your job. From design versatility to quick turn-around times, read more with our brief article here.
custom exterior and interior mouldings molding
Few people know what we have known for well over 15 years. EPS is an extremely versatile material. Take a look at our catalog, we offer over 100 stock shapes and it continues to grow with each passing year. What may be surprising to you is the fact that over 90% of the mouldings we manufacture for our clients are custom creations. And they're not any more expensive than our stock selection. Read more.


Mouldex Mouldings are a sustainable, cost-efficient and lasting alternative to many of the options currently available on the market. Here's why:



Rotting Bay Window Repair
Our products are completely inorganic. They will not rot, split, crack or peel and will only require re-painting if you wish to change colours. They are truly maintenance and worry free.



Pre-Cast Concrete Moulding Alternative
On the surface, we are identical. Beneath, we are lightweight and easier to install. From production to transportation to on-site labour, Mouldex is a cost effective solution to your exterior moulding needs.



PVC Polyurethane Molding Alternative
Mouldex Mouldings do not require any nails to install which makes for a cleaner finish. Expansion and contraction is not a worry since they are not made from plastic. Our finish is also much more genuine and suits any brick, stucco or stone exterior.